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Pacific Media Association | Serving the Pacific Island Media Community - Part 20
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Map of the Pasifika Region Hawaii Enen-kio Northern Mariana Islands Kalama Guahan Belau Federated States of Micronesia Aolepan Aorokin Majel Nauru Kiribati West Papua Papua Solomon Islands Tuvalu Tokelau Uvea and Futuna Samoa Fiji Tonga Niue Kuki Airani Vanuatu Kanaky Norfolk Island Rangitahua Aotearoa Tahiti Nui Te Henua Kenana Hiti-Au-Revareva Rapa Nui
Pasifika Media Association

PasiMA is the professional association of Pasifika’s regional independent media owners, operators and principals. We also welcome members from Pasifika- oriented media anywhere in the world. Read More >>

Pasifika Media Association (PasiMA)

Pasifika is the oceanic blue continent that stretches from Hawai’i to Aotearoa, and Rapa Nui to Papua New Guinea, home to the richest diversity of air, land and sea life that this planet shelters. Among its 30,000 islands live its human stewards in a spectrum of cultures, within one great civilization of ancient seafaring peoples. Pasifika’s ocean pathways, laid down by the stars, are still traveled in voyaging canoes – but in the 21st Century, Pasifik islanders are actively building new networks to connect and share the stories of these islands.

The logo with crossed canoe paddles represents our voyaging culture of past and present, and the taro leaf image symbolizes the sustenance of Pasifika peoples. Together they represent PasiMA’s commitment to supporting and sustaining the information and media networks of the people of Pasifika and defending free speech and media rights in the region.

Pasifika News Feed: Breaking and Current News

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Pasifika Perspectives

PasiMA e-Learning Resource Launches

PasiMA e-Learning Resource Launches

The Pasifika Media Association’s new regional online media training project, the Pasifika Trainer e-learning course for working journalists and media operators, was officially launched on 31 March 2016. Apia, Samoa – The Pasifika Media Association (PasiMA) has announced that its pioneering regional online media training course, Pasifika Trainer, has now been launched. A robust training programme… Read More