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PasiMA Appoints Administrative Director

Auckland, New Zealand – The board officers of Pasifika Media Association (PasiMA) have announced the appointment of Ana Currie, of Hawai‘i, to serve as the fledgling organization’s first administrative director. The PasiMA board officers and executive committee are in Auckland this week participating in the “Media, Investigative and Technology Conference 2010” at Auckland University of… Read More

Pasifika Media Association Launches Temporary Website

Apia, Samoa – The Pacific’s newest media organisation has established its interim website, which became active yesterday. The Pasifika Media Association (PasiMA) site can be found at <> The new site contains information about the association, including membership fees and criteria – including a special offer for those who join early. The site also… Read More


Is there press freedom in Fiji?

by Savea Sano Malifa in Vienna* During the International Press Institute (IPI) World Press Freedom Award convention in Vienna on 11-14 September, the writer was asked to submit a brief summary what he thought was happening to press freedom in Fiji. This is that summary. Today in Fiji press freedom no longer exists. It is… Read More

“To praise famous men is not enough”

Speech by Sir Harold Evans* The IPI World Press Heroes Ceremony Vienna, September 13, 2010 We meet tonight in pride… and sadness for the many who sacrificed their lives for truth. And with pride in their achievements and those of all IPI’s  world press heroes, a veritable alphabet of valor and honor from A to… Read More

US Embassy Award for Regional Media Group

US Embassy Award for Regional Media Group

Apia, Samoa – The United States yesterday gave its support to a range of organisations including the South Pacific’s new media group, Pasifika Media Association. US Ambassador to Samoa David Huebner presented a grant of $10,000 to help develop the PasiMA website, which will be central to the association’s development and work plan. PasiMA members… Read More

Name Change for New Pacific Media Association

Regional media group is now Pasifika Media Association (PasiMA) Apia, Samoa – The new Pacific regional media association formed last week in Apia has announced that a name change has been made prior to the group’s registration in Samoa. “We have decided to register as Pasifika Media Association,” said Chairman Savea Sano Malifa. “The Association… Read More

Why Samoa for PasiMA?

In the days immediately following the announcement of the launch of the Pacific Media Association (PasiMA), the question has often been raised as to why Samoa was chosen as the place to register this new organization. Last week on August 10, several media owners and journalists from the Pacific region met in Apia to form… Read More

Pacific Media Association Launched

Pacific Media Association Launched The Pacific Media Association (PacMA) was formed in Apia, Samoa, today at a meeting of media representatives from around the Pacific region. In attendance were media operators from Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands and Hawai‘i. Representatives from Vanuatu, Fiji and Papua New Guinea were unable to attend but contributed via virtual communications…. Read More

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